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STEAM Theme Park
Skyland Future Technology Museum

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One of the most well-established STEAM Theme Parks in Asia.
This park provides a combination of multimedia art, AI, VR/MR, and other technologies, helping students learn and experience science and art through play.


Covering over 20,000 square feet of space, we combined modern and advanced technologies, to create an interesting and interactive space environment for students.

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The Park has two major themes: Hello Universe and Intelligent Fun Lab.

 "Hello Universe" is a space-themed new media art interactive experience, which gathers science and technology elements. The space science fiction scene is created through the use of sound and photoelectric special effect technology and interactive technology.


Intelligent Fun Lab is a creative space for enlightenment and creative thinking, the Lab has fully cultivated the imagination and creativity of students in both art and science during the process of practice and interaction.

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