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1. Personalised Learning

Using a small class teaching approach (between 1:6 to 1:8), together with individual pre-course assessment and student development report, we can level up student’s learning efficiency.

1. 個人化學習



2. Systematic STEAM Curriculum

Modified from German and American STEAM curriculums, the course structure is specially designed for Hong Kong and Asian students. We provide a multi-year curriculum that allows students to widen and deepen their interests and horizon in different STEAM subjects.

2. 有系統性STEAM課程

改編自德國和美國STEAM課程,課程結構專為香港和亞洲學生設計。 我們提供不同程度的課程,讓學生能夠拓寬和深化他們在不同 STEAM 科目中的興趣和視野。


3. All-rounded Development

The curriculums focus on enhancing student’s important skills including communication, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, information technology, critical thinking, initiative, adaptability, and self-management skills.

3. 全面發展



4. Assessment Report and Certificate

All-rounded assessment report for different important skills and Certificate will be provided after students finish the course. 

4. 評估報告和證書


5. Quality Guarantee

We are Google CS First official partner and SOLO Microsoft official partner* in Hong Kong. We provide high standard training to different schools, universities, and organisations.

5. 質量保證

我們是香港的 Google CS First 官方合作夥伴和 SOLO Microsoft 官方合作夥伴。 我們為不同的學校、大學和組織提供高標準的培訓。

|| Level: Beginner


Starting from 2018, “Short Video” become more and more popular in the world. Video platforms such as YouTube allow Youtubers to share their video and provide a rich reward for them. Using the professional video and post-production equipment, students will learn and experience the whole video production process including Content Planning, Acting, Video Capturing, and Post-production. Finally, students will have the basic ability to create their video using their cell phones and home computers.

從2018年開始,“短視頻”風靡全球。 YouTube 等視頻平台允許 Youtuber 分享他們的視頻並為他們提供豐富的獎勵。 使用專業的視頻和後期製作設備,學生將學習和體驗整個視頻製作過程,包括內容策劃、表演、視頻拍攝和後期製作。 最後,學生將具備使用手機和家用電腦製作視頻的基本能力。

|| Duration

1.5 Hours @ 8 Classes

1.5 小時 @ 8 堂

|| Medium of Instruction

English 英語

|| Mode of Study

Offline 面授 / Online 線上

|| Course Objectives 

  1. To confidently present in-front of a video camera and talk about yourself

  2. To be able to solve real-world video editing & production problems

  3. To have good understanding of the video-making process

  4. Get an understanding of how KOL influencers can positively/negatively affect people from around the world
    了解 KOL 如何影響世界各地的人們

  5. Learn how social media works, how to use it, and how to stay safe online

  6. To understand what recording equipment is, why we use it, and how to operate it

|| Course Contents

1. Introduction to KOL, learning about the video-making steps and overview of each part of the course, creating a storyboard

2. Get hands-on with presenting and the video-making process. Get a feeling of being in front of and behind the camera
親身體驗演示和視頻製作過程。 獲得在鏡頭前後的感覺

3. Learn about the types of equipment, why they are used and how to operate all kinds of equipment for the best quality video

4. Present in front of a camera, tell the world about your story and show them how interesting you are

5. Find out how to edit your video in 5 simple steps. Learn how to change things how you want them for the final video
了解如何通過 5 個簡單步驟編輯您的視頻。 了解如何在視頻中按照您希望的方式更改內容

* Course content may be adjusted according to different student’s level

* 課程內容可能會根據不同學生的水平進行調整

|| What to bring需要帶些什麼:

1.    A creative mindset! 創意思維!

|| NEED HELP?需要幫忙?
Please let us know and we will provide professional development for your children.


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Future Job - Summer 8-14
Future Job - Summer 14+
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