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Eastern hollywood project

With the new era of Web3.0 and the Metaverse, UFO Tech Academy has introduced a new educational model called Learn to Earn." In collaberation with The Sandbox, UFO Tech Academy has preserved the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant on The Sandbox metaverse called Eastern Hollywood Project."
Eastern Hollywood Project integrates culture, art, film, conservation and education that is all showcased on Jumbo Seafood Restaurant that has been redone on The Sandbox Metaverse.

Our focus for this project was to preserve Hong Kong's iconic landmark Jumbo Seafood Restaurant" as well as Chinese art, history and culture on the metaverse.  We first accomplished this by preserving a piece of Hong Kong history with the remaking of the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant.  

The third floor features the interior remake of the dining room inside Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, it features elements such as Dragon Pillars and the Emperors Dragon Chair that were originally installed on Jumbo Seafood Restaurant.

In it we preserved many pieces of art and Chinese design elements throughout the game. Some elements like the Qing Ming Festival painting that is featured in our design is actually one of a kind original and is uniquely different from the other versions of the Qing Ming paintings throughout Chinese history, the one we showed in our game only existed on Jumbo Seafood Restaurant and is now lost forever with the sinking of the ship.

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On the first level we showcased an art exhibition called Chill Panda," for a local Hong Kong charity called JC Happiness Foundation that helps people overcome anxiety, stress and mental health.  The exhibition featured two categories of art, one by students from local schools around Hong Kong and the other featured artwork by many famous local celebrities.

The second floor features UFO Tech Academy, in which we showcase the STEAM educational elements that we are currently involved with mentoring young people. The courses that we feature are Robotics, Coding, KOL, Drones, and NFT Digital Arts Design.

On the top floor we collaborated with Oriental Prosperity and Dr Wang Yanqing, on this floor we showcased a gallery exhibition that featured collectable classic movie posters, some of the notable names include Bruce Lee’s “Dragon Crossing the River,” Wong Kar-Wei’s “In the Mood for Love,” and Chow Yun-Fat’s “Anna and the King.”

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