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China's AOPA Youth Aviation Science and Technology Education Program-"Dream Sky Program" is an active exploration of STEAM education, maker education and comprehensive practical courses in primary and secondary schools.

The purpose of the "Dream of Sky" is to popularize aviation science and culture knowledge, spread aviation science ideas, promote aviation science spirit, advocate aviation science methods, and promote aviation science and technology applications through youth aviation science and technology education.

1. Integrate industry associations and aviation science and technology education resources to form a systematic overall solution for youth aviation science and technology education, give full play to the overall planning and professional support of intelligence, standards, certification, information, and construction of landing channels and networks, and promote aviation education curriculum packages R&D and key teacher training, supporting guarantee services, etc.

2. Construct an integrated youth aviation science and technology education and teaching system that closely combines internal curriculum teaching with off-campus comprehensive practice, research and learning.

3. The youth aviation science and technology education plan ("Dream Sky Plan") is organically combined with the development of aviation science and technology education projects to form an operation mode that promotes the joint promotion of planning, standards, information and evaluation, certification, and competitions.

Construction purpose


The main teaching content of "Mengtian Project" is to adopt a new type of education that young people love to see, to enable them to master basic aviation knowledge and operating skills, improve their overall ability and quality, and promote all-round development. Specific content: One is to learn aviation basics and aviation history and cultural knowledge; the second is to implement flight operation training such as simulated flight, drone flight, and aviation aerobatics; and the third is to participate in aviation science and technology maker practice activities. Actively respond to the national education reform policy and cultivate innovative all-round talents needed by the future society.


  • Cultivate students' scientific and technological innovation spirit

  • Cultivate future-oriented survivability

  • Promote the learning and mastery of subject knowledge

  • Exercise students' practical ability

  • Cultivate students' competitive consciousness and competitive spirit

  • Cultivate students' teamwork ability

Curriculum Concept

  • Interdisciplinary and connected to reality

  • Constructivist teaching

  • Cultivate students' scientific and technological innovation spirit

  • Focus on the learning process, not the result

Robotics & Engineering Summer 4-8
Robotics & Engineering Summer 8-14
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Robotics & Engineering Summer 14+
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