1. Personalized Learning

Using a small class teaching approach (between 1:6 to 1:8), together with individual pre-course assessment and student development report, we can level up student’s learning efficiency.


2. Systematic STEAM Curriculum

Modified from German and American STEAM curriculums, the course structure is specially designed for Hong Kong and Asian students. We provide a multi-year curriculum that allows students to widen and deepen their interests and horizon in different STEAM subjects.


3. All-rounded Development

The curriculums focus on enhancing student’s important skills including communication, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, information technology, critical thinking, initiative, adaptability, and self-management skills.


4. Assessment Report and Certificate

All-rounded assessment report for different important skills and Certificate will be provided after students finish the course. 


5. Quality Guarantee

We are Google CS First official partner and SOLO Microsoft official partner* in Hong Kong. We provide high standard training to different schools, universities, and organizations.

Ages 8-14 or 14+


|| Duration

10 Hours; 2 Hours @ 5 Classes 

|| Medium of Instruction

English or Cantonese

|| Mode of Study

Face-to-Face or Partly Online 

|| Level: Intermediate (For Ages 8-14) or Advanced (For Ages 14+)

Students will learn how to design and build mobile apps by MIT App Inventor (Swift, Xcode, depends on the student’s level). Our course will enhance student’s design thinking skills, creativity, and innovation. Students will understand how to create apps with social impact using different approaches.

|| Course Objectives 

1.    Learn the Mobile Apps design concepts
2.    Learn different types of Apps design software including MIT App Inventor, Swift, Xcode, depends on the student’s level.
3.    Learn basic graphic design skills and software
4.    Understand different coding concepts using in mobile application
5.    Cultivate student’s creativity and information technology skills
6.    Enhance student’s problem-solving skills

|| Course Contents

1.    Design mobile apps using different apps software
2.    Learn how to use graphic design software to create a mobile app’s interface
3.    Understand how to use coding to create a mobile application
4.    Develop a group project in Mobile Apps.
5.    Present the app to the rest of the class

* Course content may be adjusted according to different student’s level

|| What to bring:

1.    A creative mindset!

2.    A Android/iOS device (phone or tablet) with charger  

3.    A Gmail account

Please let us know and we will provide professional development for your children.