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1. Personalised Learning

Using a small class teaching approach (between 1:6 to 1:8), together with individual pre-course assessment and student development report, we can level up student’s learning efficiency.

1. 個人化學習



2. Systematic STEAM Curriculum

Modified from German and American STEAM curriculums, the course structure is specially designed for Hong Kong and Asian students. We provide a multi-year curriculum that allows students to widen and deepen their interests and horizon in different STEAM subjects.

2. 有系統性STEAM課程

改編自德國和美國STEAM課程,課程結構專為香港和亞洲學生設計。 我們提供不同程度的課程,讓學生能夠拓寬和深化他們在不同 STEAM 科目中的興趣和視野。


3. All-rounded Development

The curriculums focus on enhancing student’s important skills including communication, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, information technology, critical thinking, initiative, adaptability, and self-management skills.

3. 全面發展



4. Assessment Report and Certificate

All-rounded assessment report for different important skills and Certificate will be provided after students finish the course. 

4. 評估報告和證書


5. Quality Guarantee

We are Google CS First official partner and SOLO Microsoft official partner* in Hong Kong. We provide high standard training to different schools, universities, and organisations.

5. 質量保證

我們是香港的 Google CS First 官方合作夥伴和 SOLO Microsoft 官方合作夥伴。 我們為不同的學校、大學和組織提供高標準的培訓。

|| Level: Beginner

Students will learn to code with Scratch, a block-based programming tool developed by the MIT Media Lab. Students will develop their key skills such as problem-solving skills, analyzing skills, and computational thinking such as sequences, loops, conditionals, and abstraction by creating their own fun projects. Students will enhance Math’s ability and interest using real lift examples with coding games.

學生將學習使用由麻省理工學院媒體實驗室開發的基於塊的編程工具 Scratch 進行編碼。 學生將通過創建自己的有趣項目來發展他們的關鍵技能,例如解決問題的技能、分析技能和計算思維(例如序列、循環、條件和抽象)。 學生將通過編碼遊戲的真實提升示例來提高數學的能力和興趣。

|| Duration

1.5 Hours @ 8 Classes

1.5 小時 @ 8 堂

|| Medium of Instruction

English 英語

|| Mode of Study

Offline 面授 / Online 線上

|| Course Objectives 

  1. Foster student’s interest in Engineering and Technology

  2. Understand the connection between software, hardware and engineering principles

  3. Nurture student’s creativity and innovation spirit  

  4. Stimulate student’s problem-solving and self-learning skills

  5. Cultivate student’s information technology skills

|| Course Contents

  1. To confidently solve problems using block-based Coding knowledge

  2. To be able to solve real-world problems using innovative solutions 

  3. To have good understanding of block-based coding using Minecraft
    對使用 Minecraft 的基於塊的編碼有更多的理解

  4. Get a basic understanding of how Artificial Intelligence can be used to collect data

  5. Create coding solutions that include sequences, events, loops, and conditionals

* Course content may be adjusted according to different student’s level

* 課程內容可能會根據不同學生的水平進行調整

|| What to bring我們建議上課時攜帶的物品:

What we recommend to bring to class:

1. A willingness to learn


2. A Laptop (Mac/Windows) with Charger*



*for students who don't have a laptop, UFO can provide on-site, however sharing may be required


Coding & Math Summer 4-8
Coding & Math Summer 8-14
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Coding & Math Summer 14+
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