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Class Arrangement Under COVID19 


As always, we place children's health and safety as our first priority. To ensure we are providing a safe environment to everyone under the coronavirus, we will conduct the following precautions:  

•    We will measure students’ temperature before classes begin.  For those whose temperature exceed 37 °C
will be asked to leave.
•    Hand sanitizer will be prepared for everyone to use when necessary
•    All students are required to wear masks during class - parents / caretakers will be contacted if any students are not willing to do so
•    To perform social distancing, each student will be seated with sufficient distances 
•    Any shared equipments will be disinfected between classes
•    In case the class must be suspended (upon the Education Bureau announcement), the tuition of remaining classes will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.

(In order to protect our students, the maximum class size will be 6 - 8 students in a 1000 sq. feet classroom*. Our staff will sterilize all the teaching materials and follow the `Health Advice’ from the Education Bureau.) 

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