AdventureSheep Coding Challenge

|| What is IT?


Coding competition are very popular in other countries, attracting talented coders to test their skills in programming and be able to challenge themselves in coding challenges. This Minecraft Code Jam Junior HK is designed for students who would like to use Minecraft to learn coding and, in the meantime, having some coding challenges for them.

For every challenge, students will join us in around 60-minute intense lecture and 25-minute competition to see who could understand basic coding concepts the best. Students will be provided with basic coding tutorials before they are challenged with coding problems related to the lectures. All students (different age groups) will compete together to be the fastest one to solve the challenge in each round of the tutorials/challenge pair.

|| Location: UFO STEAM Minecraft CodeJam Server

|| Mode of Competition: Online / Offline (For Prize Ceremony)

|| Age of Groups: Age 7 – 9; Age 10 – 12

|| Price: $98 per student per challenge / Special price for 12 challenges

|| Challenge Content: Challenge introduction(5mins) -> Lecture(60mins) -> Challenge(25mins) -> Result

|| Challenge Schedule

|| What you can get? 

  • Gold medal (for faster student) and Silver medal (for other students) for every individual challenges

  • Certificate of Participation (for students attend more than 80% of challenges)

  • Certificate and Awards for Champion, 1st runner up, and 2 nd runner up (for students attend all challenges)

  • KOL experience class at D2Place

  • Minecraft Souvenir Cup

*Awards including Minecraft special gifts/Esports Gear and Trophy

|| Competition rule

After 12 rounds of competition, students with the fastest aggregated time will be rewarded with Minecraft merchandise and a certificate of excellence in this Minecraft Code Jam Junior

|| Competition Objective

  • Foster student’s interest in computer coding and design

  • Nurture student’s problem solving and computational thinking skills.

  • Enhance student’s observation and critical thinking skills

  • Cultivate student’s self-study skills

|| Lectures / Challenges Content*

  • Using our custom AdventureSheep system to learn basic coding (including movements, if/while logics, specific game actions, game repeat loop)

  • Developing creative challenge solutions to problems given during the competition using the AdventureSheep system

  • Learn to utilize different combinations of machine code instructions to make automating AI actions possible

  • Learn various subject topics by using Minecraft as well as creative coding, to enhance learning in STEAM curriculum


*Challenge’s topics may be adjusted according to student’s level

|| Challenges Topic

  1. Minecraft Adventurer

  2. Minecraft Ender Dragon Challenge

  3. Minecraft Aquatic Challenge

  4. Minecraft Chemistry

  5. Minecraft Biology

  6. Maths Calculator in Minecraft

|| What you need to prepare before the challenges?

  • Computer (Mac or Window) with Minecraft Java Edition (version 1.13.2)

  • Internet Connection

  • Google meet (Google account)

|| Contact Us

Please give us a call at +852 3899 7725 / WhatsApp us at +852 6992 1355/ Click Challenge Enquiry for any enquiries.