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Unity Future Optimizer (UFO) School is one of the leading education providers in Asia. Our mission is to assist everyone in becoming future-ready, optimizing your abilities and talents through our united partners and global networks.

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Founded in Hong Kong by educational leaders and entrepreneurs, UFO provides different STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) courses for kindergarten, primary, and secondary students.  With our expertise and experience in STEAM education, we provide different training courses and consultation services to local universities, secondary schools, primary schools, non-profit organizations, and government organizations in Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, and China. 


Recently, UFO expanded its network and development in Art Interactive Experience and Future Job Experience. Students can experience and develop fundamental skills for the future through our courses, STEAM Theme Park, and Future Experience Lab.


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Why US?


“We care for your child's FUTURE DEVELOPMENT!”



UFO school not only provides STEAM (STEM + A) education but also cares about your child's all-round development, transforming them into pillars of a future society.

“Systematic STEAM Curriculum”

By Dr. Kelvin Leung


Modified from German and American STEAM curriculums, the course structure is specially designed for Hong Kong and Asian students. The curriculums focus on enhancing student’s important skills including communication, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, information technology, critical thinking, initiative, adaptability, and self-management skills.


“I never think Of the future. It comes soon enough.”

By Albert Einstein


The future is in UFO school now. We provide different fun and interactive “Future Experiences” through our “Future STEAM Theme Park” and “Future Experience Lab”, students can experience future technologies and obtain training at the right moment.

“Expand your world, widen your horizon”



UFO organize different international activities, competitions, and field trips to different countries. Our global university and industry partners can provide valuable  experience to our students via online teaching.


“We take care Of student’s individual needs and development.”



Using a small class teaching approach (between 1:6 to 1:8), together with individual pre-course assessment and student development reports, we can enhance student's learning abilities effectively


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