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a. UFO is the nextgen IT Academy which focus at delivering practicing IT trainings on gaming, animation, Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, IOT, robotic through official collaboration with solution partners such as Unity, Google, Microsoft and Autodesk.

a. UFO School create all courses with input from leading education and industry experts. The content is most updated and teaches the most relevant skills needed to advance your career, whether you want to be in tech, or just leverage your new-found tech skills. These industry partnerships ensure that students are mastering the skills top employers are seeking in their candidates.

a. We’d love to hear your thoughts on your UFO School experience! Student feedback is critical to our process, and we rely on your input to constantly evolve our offerings and services. Just send us an email at [email protected]

Getting Started

a. UFO courses are highly interactive with activities such as quizzes and exercises interspersed between short videos and interviews with tutors and industry experts. The quizzes are a tool to help you learn, so you can watch the videos and try the quizzes as many times as you like.

a. UFO courses are roughly categorized as “Beginner,” “Intermediate,” and “Advanced.”

i. Beginner classes are suited for those who have little to no prior knowledge of the subject.

ii. Intermediate classes generally require some prior knowledge, but this can often be acquired as you go.

iii. Advanced courses require significant familiarity with the subject area

a. UFO content remains available once it has launched. Once online, our courses maintained to keep the content up to date and optimized for your learning.

a. We do not offer an option of earning a free certificate. We only award paid students who complete all the requirements listed in a program

a. There are no required textbooks for UFO courses. We often recommend additional resources and books that you may find helpful, but any materials you need are usually free or optional.

a. UFO videos and courseware are all produced and closed captioned in English. Some of our courses have subtitles in other languages, including Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

a. Downloadable course materials are available under the Downloadables header in course dashboards and in the Classroom. You can download .zip files of videos in .mp4 format and transcripts in .srt format for all of our courses.

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