“Water War” Unity Certification Developer Exam Condensed Course (May)



    Course Description:
    The “Unity War” Unity certification developer examining intensive course is set up for half a month to a month before the Unity certification developer exam. The course covers the key points of all the Unity Certified Developer exams after refining and provides a quick and clear review. This course will be those who have a certain understanding of the focus of the exam, would like to once again in the provisional examination to consolidate the focus of the exam candidates. If you are a very experienced Unity developer, this course will also be the shortest way to pass the Unity certification developer exam in the shortest possible time.



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    Course includes:

    – Unity Certified Development Exam Course

    – Unity Developer Exam Quota (1 person)

    – 400 simulation questions


    Schedule of Course and Examination:

    Unity Certified Development Exam Course (2 Lessons)

    Lesson 1:10 May 19:00 – 21:00

    Lesson 2:12 May 19:00 – 21:00



    Unity Certified Developer Examination

    Schedule:20 May 14:00 – 15:30pm

    Venue for Course and Examination: G/F, Mayson Garden Building, 62-74 Hing Fat St, Causeway Bay

    *Please bring your notebook to attend the examination*


    Students who accomplish the course and pass the exam, will acquire an official Unity Certified Developer Certificate.



    *UFO School is the Unity Authorized Training Center

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