【 FREE Course】VR 101 IT育成部落: VR育成篇

虛擬實境(Virtual Reality, VR)可以說是今年最熱門的話題,但是你對 VR 又有多少的認識呢?如果你對 VR 只是一知半解,但又想認識更多,這個免費線上課程可以幫到你!

這個課程除了會為你介紹 VR 市場的最新動態,更會為你解說 VR 影視內容製作從拍 攝至剪接及播放的創作流程,讓你能夠踏上VR 創作的旅途


Course Description


虛擬實境(Virtual Reality, VR)可以說是今年最熱門的話題,但是你對 VR 又有多少的認識呢?如果你對 VR 只是一知半解,但又想認識更多,這個免費線上課程可以幫到你!

這個課程除了會為你介紹 VR 市場的最新動態,更會為你解說 VR 影視內容製作從拍 攝至剪接及播放的創作流程,讓你能夠踏上VR 創作的旅途


  • 總堂數:4 堂
  • 上課模式:線上課程*
  • 語言: 廣東話
  • 課程收費: 全免

查詢電話:3465 6058

Course Curriculum

【VR育成篇】(第1堂) 00:00:00
【VR育成篇】(第2堂) 00:00:00
【VR育成篇】(第3堂) 00:00:00
【VR育成篇】(第4堂) 00:00:00

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  1. The instructor is clear and going over foundationals that allow for individuals 

  2. Great Course! Clear Explanation!

  3. No follow up

    As a beginning introduction, It is easy to understand but nothing to view after lesson one. I wrote two emails to the centre but no reply. Originally I was thinking of taking other courses for advance skills but since there is no response, I gave up this idea.

    • Dear Colin,

      We apologise for the late replied. We have modified the courseware and updated the course information. You may proceed on the online course. Thank you for your comment.

      UFO Team

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