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【FREE Course】How to program in C# – Beginner Course


Course Description

C# is a beautiful cross-platform language that can be used to build variety of applications. With C#, you can build mobile apps (for Windows, Android and iOS), games, websites and desktop applications.

Once you master fundamentals of C# and programming with .NET framework, you’ll have lots of options in front of you. You can choose to build mobile apps if you prefer, or you can change job and work as a web developer. As long as you know the fundamentals well, switching to different technology stacks is pretty easy.

What are the requirements?
– None

What am I going to get from this course?
– Learn the fundamentals of C# and .NET Framework
– Work with primitive types and expressions
– Work with non-primitive types (classes, structs, arrays and enums)
– Learn the difference between value types and reference types
– Control the flow of programs using conditional statements
– Use arrays and lists
– Work with files and directories
– Work with text
– Work with date and time
– Debug C# applications effectively

What is the target audience?
– Newbies or students looking for a refresher on the basics of C# and .NET

Course Curriculum

How to program in C# - Beginner Course
Part 1. How to program in C# - BASICS
Video Lecture 1 00:15:00
Part 2. How to program in C# - Beginner Tutorial
Video Lecture 2 00:15:00
Part 3. How to program in C# - VARIABLES
Video Lecture 3 00:16:00
Part 4. How to program in C# - IF STATEMENTS
Video Lecture 4 00:15:00
Part 5. How to program in C# - SWITCH STATEMENTS
Video Lecture 5 00:16:00
Part 6. How to program in C# - FOR LOOPS
Video Lecture 6 00:16:00
Part 7. How to program in C# - WHILE LOOPS
Video Lecture 7 00:15:00
Part 8. How to program in C# - METHODS
Video Lecture 8 00:15:00
Part 9. How to program in C# - ARRAYS
Video Lecture 9 00:15:00
Part 10. How to program in C# - CLASSES
Video Lecture 10 00:17:00
Part 11. How to program in C# - INHERITANCE
Video Lecture 11 00:15:00
Part 12. How to program in C# - ENUMS
Video Lecture 12 00:00:00
Part 13. How to program in C# - PROPERTIES
Video Lecture 13 00:00:00
Part 14. How to program in C# - INTERFACES
Video Lecture 14 00:17:00
Part 15. How to program in C# - GENERICS
Video Lecture 15 00:17:00

Course Reviews


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  1. It’s really fantastic. I had no experience with coding and this is a great course

  2. This is an excellent class and teacher knows what he is teaching very well.

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