Hololens for Education – Summer Pilot Programme – Package 2


    Why learn Hololens?

    Holographic technology enables the blending of physical world with digital contents to build a new Mixed Reality environment.

    Microsoft Hololens allow you to interact with virtual holograms and real objects in physical world which offer a unique Mixed Reality experience.

    The utilization of Mixed Reality on Microsoft Hololens on Education not only can enhance the quality of education by providing visual context to lesson, but also encourage interaction and collaboration between students.

    “Anytime that you change the way you see things; it changes the way you understand them… As soon as you can change somebody’s understanding, then they can change the way they see the world.”

    To utilize the power of HoloLens on education, UFO School offer trainings to teach you the skills needed to create your desired educational application for HoloLens, using a powerful tools called Unity, which has been widely used in education sector for STEM education.

    Currently, HoloLens for commercial purchase is not open to the public yet, but we are excited to announce that, Hong Kong’s first 50 sets of Microsoft Hololens for Education institutions are now available for pre-order through our trusted partner’s network.


    PACKAGE 2: “How to Develop Your Own Hololens Application Using Unity”


    On top of acquiring a unit of a brand new Development Edition Microsoft Hololens, this package comes with an Intermediate Unity training course for 2 persons that shall allow institution to train 2 persons to start building simple holographic application for the Microsoft Hololens.


    The package includes:

    • ONE unit of Microsoft Hololens – Development Edition
      • Microsoft Hololens Development Edition
      • Clicker
      • Carrying Case
      • Microfiber cloth
      • Charger
      • Micro-USB 2.0 Cable


    • ONE Visual Studio Professional 2017 Standalone License for 1 year 2017
      • Newest Version of PC only


    • ONE 30 HOURS intermediate Unity training course for TWO persons that will allow student to:
      • Master the commands and controls of the Microsoft Hololens
      • Able to import applications into the Microsoft Hololens
      • Able to source holographic materials & content from different marketplaces
      • Create your own Hololens application focusing at the use for Education, with school logo at the app
      • Learn the use of Unity3D Engine to create your own holographic application.


    Course Commencement Date: July 17th, 2017

    Course Completion Date: August 7th, 2017

    Course Days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday each consecutive week

    Number of Sessions: 10 sessions

    Hours per Session: 3 hours

    Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm

    Language of tuition: Cantonese/English

    Location: UFO School, 70, Hing Fat Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


    Enquiry Number :+852 3465 6058


    UFO School – Microsoft’s Authorized Training Center



    UFO School – Unity’s Authorized Training Center

    Course Curriculum

    Hololens For Education – Chapter 1 Details 00:00:00
    Hololens For Education – Chapter 2 Details 00:00:00
    Hololens For Education – Chapter 3 Details 00:00:00

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