Google G Suite Course



     What am I going to learn from this course?

    All that you need to do your best work, in one package. G Suite makes working together a whole lot easier. It provides communication and collaboration tools (Gmail & Hangouts), office productivity tools (Calendar, Docs and Sheets), presentation tool(Slides) and unlimited file storage (Google format in Drive). This workshop will teach how these work together to keep you organised and connected from anywhere. Each student would know more advanced features in G Suite.
    • Gmail advanced features
    • Labels & Filter setting
    • Tips & tricks- Calendar
    • Send out the email with invitations
    • Browse other interesting calendars- Google Drive
    • How to share files with teammates and work together on the same file, at the same time
    • See edits as others type, communicate through built-in chat, and ask questions in comments
    • Keep all your work in one place with secure access from your computer, phone, or tablet

    What are the requirements?

    – Knowledge side:
    Basically, you just need a google account.
    – Hardware side:
    Requires a notebook for lesson exercise.
    -Who can take this course?
    – Age 16 or above


    Date: Tue, 25 April

    Time: 18:30 – 21:30

    Location: UFO School, G/F, Mayson Garden Building, 2C-2E, Wing Hing Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


    G Suite course Outline

    Time Type of Activity Details
    5 mins Introduction
    Welcome Introduction of G Suite
    60 mins Gmail
    Presentation and Demo Show 1. Navigation

    • Two types of labels (Systemized label and customized label)
    • Apps button to go to other google apps
    • Add account or sign out button

    Basic function

    Including compose an email and check an email

    1. Compose an email

    • Show full-screen
    • Change format
    • Insert an attachment
    • Saved automatically
    • Use drag and drop function to add an attachment
    • Delete the draft
    • Show more options button

    2. Check an email

    • Reply or forward
    • Translate message
    • View the attachment
    • Download the attachment
    • Archive
    • Report to spam
    • Delete (30 days)

    Medium function

    Including label, search, inbox change and chat
    3. Label

    • Create a label & sub label
    • Apply label (left to right or right to left)
    • Difference between label and folder

    4. Search

    • 3 types: keywords search, connecting words search & show more search options.

    5. Inbox change

    • Unread first, priority inbox

    6. Chat

    • How to add new friend
    • How to chat with others

    Advanced function

    Including Filter and Labs
    7. Filter

    Automatically set
    8. Labs

    Concept of Labs, Canned response, Right side Chat, Preview Pane
    General setting

    • Language
    • Default text style
    • Conversation view
    • Signature
    • Starred
    • Vacation responder.
    10 mins Break
    15 mins Contact
    Presentation and Demo Show 1. Create a new contact

    2. Most contacted and other contacts

    3. Directory and how to search

    4. Create a group and group sending email

    5. Delete a contact

    6. Restore a contact

    7. Export and import (vdf)

    8. Merge

    40 mins Calendar
    Presentation and Demo Show 1. Navigation:

    • Create button
    • Mini calendar
    • My calendar
    • Other calendar
    • Time zone change (Very important)
    • Today with grey background and current time

    2. Create Events:

    • 3 methods of creating events
    • Drag and drop events

    3. Edit events:

    • Whole day event
    • Repeat
    • Location
    • Instructions
    • Attachment
    • Event color
    • Reminders
    • Guest inviting
    • Guest privileges
    • Find a time/Suggest time
    • Resources booking
    • Checking attendee responses

    4. Calendar Settings

    • General (Time zone, Customized setting, Show events declined, Keyboard shortcuts)
    • Calendar  (All Calendars, Calendar Details, How to share calendars, Notifications)
    • Lab (World Clock, Next Meeting)
    50 mins Drive
    Presentation and Demo Show 1. Navigation

    • Concept of Drive
    • My Drive
    • Shared with me
    • Settings
    • Upload settings
    • Information button
    • Different dimensions
    • Create and Upload button

    2. Create a doc as an example to explain

    • Change the name
    • 6 major differences between Google Doc and Traditional Word (Auto-save, Share, Comment, Translate, Revision history, Download as)

    3. Upload

    • Choose a word file to upload
    • Compare between converted version and not converted version

    180 mins

    Q & A


    Course Curriculum

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