Unity Certified Developer Condensed Course + Exam – July



    Course Description:

    Unity Certified Developer Condensed Course is specially designed for intermediate Unity developers who want to become a Unity Certified Developer in a limited amount of time. This course will cover every objective of the Unity Certified Developer Exam. Each student would quickly master all the key points and get sufficient preparation to face the coming Unity Certified Developer Exam.

    – The course includes one registration to the Unity Certified Developer Exam scheduled on 29/07/2017.


    What am I going to learn from this course?

    – Unity Certified Developer Exam Highlights:

    – 400 exam mockup questions:

    – Enhance your Unity skills

    – Familiarise you with the format and questions of the Unity Certified Developer Exam.


    Enquiry Number :

    +852 3465 6058


    Schedule for the course and exam:

    Unity Certified Developer Condensed Course (3hrs)

    Time:27/07/2017 – 6:30pm – 9:30pm


    Course Location:

    G/F, Mayson Garden Building, 62-74 Hing Fat St, Causeway Bay


    Unity Certified Developer Exam

    Time:29/07/2017 – 2:00pm – 4:00pm

    Students who accomplish the course and pass the exam, will acquire an official Unity Certified Developer Certificate.


    *UFO School is the Unity Authorized Training Center

    Terms & Condition

    • Participant must attend to all classes and complete all exercises.
    • The course includes one registration to the Unity Certified Developer Exam scheduled on 29/07/2017.
    • Participant who take this course but failed the exam can re-take the same course once for free in within 1 year.
    • Retake students can retake Unity Developer Exam at a 10% off discount price.
    • UFO School reserves the right to change these terms & conditions at any time without prior notice.

    Course Curriculum

    Lesson 1
    Industry Awareness 00:00:00
    Employment Preparedness 00:00:00
    Game Art Principles 00:00:00
    Game Design Principles 00:00:00
    Editor Interface 00:00:00
    Asset Management 00:00:00
    Project Management 00:00:00
    Animation 00:00:00
    Condensed Self Assessment – 1 Unlimited
    Condensed Self Assessment – 2 Unlimited
    Condensed Self Assessment – 3 Unlimited
    Condensed Self Assessment – 4 Unlimited
    Lesson 2
    Lighting 00:00:00
    Materials & Effects 00:00:00
    Physics 00:00:00
    Navigation & Pathfinding 00:00:00
    Audio 00:00:00
    User Interface 00:00:00
    Programming Skills 00:00:00
    Unity Services 00:00:00
    Condensed Self Assessment – 5 Unlimited
    45min Mockup Quiz 00:45:00
    Condensed Self Assessment – 6 Unlimited
    Final 45min Mockup Quiz 00:45:00

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