Cinematic VR360 Course (March)

Learn How to Produce 360° Video Like Professionals!


Course Description:


VR is finally affordable, but it needs content. More importantly, it needs creators (i.e. YOU!), to sustain its development. And we are here to help!

For the most part, there are two types of VR content you will experience. The most common kind is animated with computer-generated graphics, and then there is the kind made of real images. The latter is cinematic VR, and is made using cameras, either captured with rigs made of mounted filming units or actual 360 cameras.

In this course, we will teach you everything you need to know to start filming your own cinematic VR experiences. From selecting and operating a 360° camera rig, to the basics of stitching and editing; also scripting and storytelling, to create an engaging interactive cinematic VR experience.

We will also have certified lecturer to teach you the basics of operating the Unity software, guiding you to create a 3D virtual environment with the 360 cinematic content you filmed and design interactive elements to complete your interactive VR experience.

This course shall cover it all in 5 condensed lectures, letting you know all the basic technical knowledge and market insights about cinematic VR and helping you to step on the path of becoming a pioneer in creating interactive cinematic VR content!


What am I going to learn from this course?

  • Understand all aspects of cinematic VR.
  • Discover the limitations and possibilities of this exciting new medium.
  • Select the 360° camera setup that fits you best.
  • Learn the basics of Unity software, create VR environments and interactive elements.
  • A chance to film and produce your own interactive cinematic VR experiences!


What are the requirements?

Knowledge side:

None! This course has no barrier. You don’t need any knowledge or prior experience before taking the course. As long as you are interested in VR or making your own cinematic content, you are welcome to take this course. A little creativity and imagination would not hurt though.


Hardware side:

None! We will be providing all the basic gears and workstation you need to make your own interactive cinematic VR experience during the course.


Software side:

None! We will be providing all the software you need to make your own interactive cinematic VR experience during the course.


Who can take this course?

Age 18 or above


Start Date:  22 March (Every Wednesday)

Time:  18:30-21:30

Total course hours:     15 hours

Course location: UFO School, Mayson Garden Building, 62-74 Hing Fat St, Causeway Bay

Course Enquires: 3465 6058

Course Curriculum

VR Market
VR Hardware
VR/360 Filming Technology
VR/360 Content Production
Unity - The Basics
VR/360 Post-production
Unity - Beginner VR Creation
VR Distribution

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