2D Roguelike tutorial


Learn how to make a 2D Roguelike game with this project.

Over the course of the project will create procedural tile based levels, implement turn based movement, add a hunger system, audio and mobile touch controls. This video series was filmed in Unity 5, but is compatible with Unity 4.6 as well.

Download the assets for free from the Asset Store here.


Course Curriculum

1. Setup and Assets
1. Project Introduction FREE Unlimited
2. Player and Enemy Animations Unlimited
3. Creating the Tile Prefabs Unlimited
2. Level Generation
1. Writing the Board Manager Unlimited
2. Writing the Game Manager Unlimited
3. Unit Mechanics
1. Moving Object Script Unlimited
2. Creating Destructible Walls Unlimited
3. Player Animator Controller Unlimited
4. Writing the Player Script Unlimited
5. Writing the Enemy Script Unlimited
6. Enemy Animator Controller Unlimited
4. Architecture and Polish
1. Adding UI & Level Transitions Unlimited
2. Audio and Sound Manager Unlimited
3. Adding Mobile Controls Unlimited

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