What we do

UFO is the nextgen IT Academy which focus at delivering practicing IT trainings on gaming, animation, Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, IOT, robotic through official collaboration with solution partners such as Unity, Google, Microsoft and Autodesk.

We believe that IT education should have low or no barriers and the learning should come from collaboration between students and work on practical project. To start with, we try to make course available through online delivery as much as possible. However, we would not ignore the accessible of our tutors through advance communication technologies.



The best platform to share your knowledge and enhance learning.

~Howard Tian, Tutor

Our Team


Alan Leung


Dennis Wong


Derek Chang


Monica Lai

Why Choose Us

We are the world’s largest online site offering online as well as offline courses. With over 100 online and offline courses, it gives you the opportunity to equip yourself without relocating or interrupting your career. You can participate around your current work schedule and family responsibilities, avoid the hassle of commuting, and save yourself time and money.


The mission of our school is to advise IT professions and startups in Asia with latest knowledge and trends on IT developments, but most important, get them hands on with it. We also aim to coach the new generation in Asia at their early stage to adapt the use of these future technologies. “ ~Alan Leung

UFO School will provide the highest quality education possible while promoting a life of study and service in an ever-changing and diverse society.

UFO School is dedicated to the belief that each individual should have the opportunity to develop and extend skills and knowledge for the attainment of personal objectives.

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